Pirate Pictures and Archlight Studios presents – FOUR COLOR EULOGY

Four COlor Eulogy


Director Wyatt Weed brings to life the tale of one young man’s search for his “TRUE IDENTITY” in his latest creation ~ FOUR COLOR EULOGY.

As we meet Chris Evans (Jason Contini), he is returning to St. Louis with his wife Anne (Jessica Winningham) in tow, to aid in caring for his newly diagnosed, terminally ill mother Carol (Amy Loui).

Thankful that family friend Brian (Nicholas J. Hearne) has been helping Carol out till Chris’s return, it seems that “old habits die hard”, as these two life long friends, converge back to their lives of hanging out in comic book stores and living their dreams of fantasy ~ via the pages and memories of their favorite Comic Book characters…

Destined to convince his mother to seek treatment, and find out who his father really is ~ Chris is overwhelmed by what the future may hold for his mother, and family friend Rich (John Contini) too…as it seems ol’ Rich has been hiding many a story from his past, that has yet to be discovered…

I give FOUR COLOR EULOGY a rating between CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD OR STREAMING ~  This story is about as touching and real as REAL-LIFE gets, as we follow these characters into the present trails and tribulations of their lives. Both Jason and John Contini are perfect in this film ~ bringing their screenplay to life with the assistance of talented Writer and Director ~ St. Louis’s very own Wyatt Weed. Hearn is enjoyable to watch too, as the stabilizing force throughout this film ~ making all comic book lovers and geeks feel as if they are watching themselves, and their own lives, playing out on the BIG SCREEN. Plus, you won’t want to miss the memorable twists and turns throughout the plot of FOUR COLOR EULOGY either, as they even managed to put a twist or two in that I didn’t see coming, and that hardly ever happens.  Also, although I’m not a COMIC BOOK GEEK myself ~ but having many friends and fellow critics who are, and who share their wealth of knowledge and wisdom on these matters with me almost weekly, I can honestly say that if you love COMICS, SUPERHEROES, ART or just an all-round moving and heartfelt story, then you definitely need to catch this film on streaming or DVD at your earliest convenience…

Kathy Kaiser

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