Starring Melissa Rauch, Gary Cole, Thomas Middleditch, Sebastian Stan and Haley Lu Richardson

When your entire life has revolved around bringing home THE BRONZE in gymnastics from the 2004 Olympics and the LOCAL FAME you’ve enjoyed since ~ no one – and I mean NO ONE better try to come in and TAKE IT ALL AWAY!!! This is THE BRONZE!

 Still riding the wave of her fame in becoming the BRONZE MEDALIST in gymnastics at the 2004 Summer games – Hope (Melissa Rauch) can’t quite escape this dream…and come back to face life’s harsh realities.

When a new young gymnast, the beautiful and talented Maggie (Haley Lu Richardson) comes sauntering into town, Hope is determined to make sure HER STAR still shines the brightest!!!

Down and out of money ~ and hoping to maybe find a new dream, Hope decides that maybe her best bet, is to try to coach Maggie all the way to the Olympics – and then she can become FAMOUS and RICH all over again in this new role!!!

Still trying to get her act together in life          ~ and in coaching too ~Hope forms a friendship with fellow coach and all round nice guy Ben (Thomas Middleditch), who has been smitten with Hope since way back when…

All seems to be headed in the right direction, that is until former Men’s Olympic gymnast and Lover boy Lance (Sebastian Stan) comes strolling back into Hope’s life, causing her to question not only her coaching, but their former “friendship” too…

I give THE BRONZE a rating between: MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN AND WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON DVD: Seeing Melissa Rauch step out of her TV Roles of Summer on TRUE BLOOD and Bernadette on THE BIG BANG THEORY was sort of cool, and I really enjoyed her brash and smartassy take on her character too ~ playing the former Olympian turned coach and Fabulous Gymnastic Lover too! Stan was definitely not too hard on the eyes either, playing the past love interest turned scheming coach Lance, and Middleditch was perfection as well as the sweetest of sweet guys Ben, just wanting Hope to succeed in everything! It was also enjoyable seeing Gary Cole back amongst the living, as his role of Hope’s father was entertaining to view as well~ So why not just rate this FUN FILLED FILM a MUST SEE? Well, the storyline was superb one minute and rather drawn out the next, and even though I haven’t seen such a gymnastically choreographed love scene like in this film EVER ~ even that few minutes of flesh and excitement, couldn’t overcome the slow moments and missteps in comedic timing that caught my eye. THE BRONZE is funny, THE BRONZE is politically incorrect at every turn and it was very entertaining to view – maybe I was just hoping to see a few more perfectly choreographed LOVE scenes, so I wouldn’t have to tell you that you might want to wait and catch this one on the ol’ DVD…

Kathy Kaiser

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