BURNT – Rated R

Burnt Movie Poster 

Producer/Director/Writer John Wells brings to life Steven Knight’s appetizing screenplay, and with enough goodness and delight to entice even the most persnickety of palates…so get ready to enjoy being BURNT!

Hell bent on returning to the world of culinary creations that he once knew – 2-star Michelin Chef Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper), is ready to once again take on the world by storm with his delectable delights ~ But, he might have a few small problems to get in the way of this plan ~ like his past life of drug addiction, oh, and maybe sleeping around with his staff too, but really, this is NO BIG DEAL…

Leaving Paris abruptly in the midst of his “hay-day” and now returning to London to strike a pose again, Jones reaching out to friend and restaurateur Tony (Daniel Bruhl), to take him on as his head Chef, creating the perfect life for both of them…

Determined to gain his 3rd star – the highest ranking in the CHEF WORLD – Jones comprises a team of old Friends and new comers to help him regain all his glory in the culinary world…

Jones is missing one small element in his recipe for success, Chef Helene (Sienna Miller), who he must convince to leave her present location…and join him, with all of his arrogance and crappy attitude…

With everything and everyone finally in place, Jones sets out to make his mark…but it seems that his past is continually coming back to bite him ~ and in more ways than one…

I give BURNT a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ I thoroughly enjoyed viewing this film ~ all 101 minutes of it! BURNT is as pleasing to the eye as I am sure it would have been to my palate ~ that is, if I could have enjoyed any of those incredible culinary creations I was viewing, as the cinematography is truly superb!! And yes, many of you may have already heard that Cooper’s “baby blues” do tend to draw me in from time to time, but this time, his portrayal of Chef Jones added to the mouth-watering effect I was getting while viewing it as well.   Miller is also outstanding as Jones right hand girl in the kitchen, and possible future partner in life…plus the short, yet enticing appearances by Emma Thompson, Alicia Vikander and Uma Thurman along the way, made for one absolutely scrumptious film that you are absolutely going to want to see at a theater near you. Even the REAL CHEF’s of the world have been giving Cooper accolades for his portrayal of being a CHEF~ as apparently his take on Jones is spot on ~ asking me to raise the question…do you have to be an a-hole to be the head Chef of an award-winning restaurant?? and I’m guessing that the answer is a resounding YES – Yes, you do…

Kathy Kaiser

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