Newly Released on DVD – 2014 OSCAR BEST PICTURE NOMINEE – Dallas Buyers Club – Rated R


Jean-Marc Vall’ee brings to the big screen the TRUE LIFE STORY of Texan Ron Woodroof (played by Matthew McConaughey) who is heterosexual and leading a very promiscuous life in 1986 – when he is stopped in his tracks by the diagnosis that he has AIDS.

As the Medical Community here in the U.S. is trying to come to terms with the best way to prolong the life of patients who have contracted this dreaded disease, Woodroof is diagnosed by Eve Saks (played by Jennifer Garner).   When Dr. Saks and her follow doctor (played by Denis O’Hare) conclude that Woodroof’s stage of the disease is advanced and that he has about 30 days to live – they decide to start him on the preferred drug of choice at the time for AIDS patients – but the medication seems to be making him worse, not better.

With the fortitude of any man faced with his demise, much less a Texan – Woodroof sets out to find alternative ways to prolong his life.  Having a chance encounter with a physician practicing in Mexico – who can no longer practice in the United States – Woodroof decides to use this physician’s formula of drugs and supplements to prolong his life – and it seems to be working.

Even though Woodroof is very homophobic – he decides to help out a transvestite homosexual he met during one of his many visits to the hospital named Rayon (played by Jared Leto) who is also suffering from the disease.  As Woodroof’s humanity kicks in – he decides he must not only help save Rayon – but any other person he might be able to help with his new found CONCOCTION.

Since the FDA refuses to approve these drugs/supplements for use on patients in the U.S. – Woodruff decides to transport them himself from Mexico into the U.S. and starts a BUYERS CLUB – where anyone who has the money to pay to belong – can take a chance on this opportunity to prolong their lives.

Will Woodroof prove the Doctors wrong and live to change the lives of many inflicted with the HIV/AIDS?  Will Dr. Saks change her tune about the drugs the FDA has approved, and the drugs that Woodroof is using to prolong many patients lives?  Or will Ron Woodroof’s DALLAS BUYERS CLUB become nothing more than a waste of time and energy for everyone involved?

I give the DALLAS BUYERS CLUB an A – This true life story is both amazing to learn about – as I had never heard of this man or his legacy before – and just as amazing TO WATCH!   Matthew McConaughey’s performance is astonishing – as he is so thin and creepy while his is suffering from the disease – which at times it is very hard to view.  Ditto on the performance by Jared Leto –as he too takes his body to unthinkable places with the extreme lengths he went to achieve the frailty of someone suffering from this disease.  And Jennifer Garner plays the perfect part as the Physician who ends up questioning what is the best course of action for her own patients, regardless of the decisions that are being forced upon her by her hospital and the FDA.

Mark my words, McConaughey’s performance will be given a nod for a Golden Globe, an Academy Award – or maybe both this year.   It is one of those performances that will define him as an actor – as this story and the character he plays will stay with you for a very long time.  This is a MUST SEE FILM for 2013!!! It will be a play a key part in many a conversation for weeks to come……..

Kathy Kaiser

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